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Invitation for Bids

All IFB’s are paid for with Federal Funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and are regulated through Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Title 24.

To pick up a bid packet, please go to GHURA’s Main Office, located at 117 Bien Venida Avenue, Sinajana, Guam (between St. Jude’s Church and the Sinajana Mayor’s Office).  For more information call Antonio Camacho at (671) 475-1356.  


IFB# GHURA-23-02-CDBG-GPDESS  Guam Police Division Eastern Sub-Station  New!
IFB# GHURA-23-14  MOD-Renovation of Seven (7) AMP4 Units  New!
IFB# GHURA-23-13  Renovation of Eight (8) Guma Trankilidat Units  New! - Postponed
IFB# GHURA-23-12-MOD7-AMP1 & 3  Renovation of Seven (7) Public Housing Units  New!
IFB# GHURA-23-10-MOD6-AMP3  Renovation of Six (6) Public Housing Units
IFB# GHURA-23-09-MOD9-AMP 4   Renovation of Nine (9) Public Housing Units
IFB# GHURA-23-03-CDBG-5TREN   Talofofo Renaissance Concrete Repair Renovation
IFB# GHURA-23-05-MOD7-AMP1  Renovation of seven (7) Public Housing Units


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